Dent:Space in Review

This year we successfully launched Dent:Space! Here’s what people are saying about the visionary talks and demos that helped propel Dent:Space into orbit.

“…it would have been hard to leave Dent:Space and not be inspired to get involved… As such, Dent:Space was one small step for the aerospace industry in making a new level of inclusivity and innovation the norm.”
Alyssa Oursler, Popular Science

“Beyond the VR games and the futuristic toys, the most exhilarating part of the talk was seeing so much diversity and especially seeing more women than men speaking on stage — not what I expected from a space conference.”Lilia Luciano, ABC10

“I recently gave a talk at space exploration conference Dent: Space about environmentalism on other planets… The climate problems on other worlds are many magnitudes worse than those on Earth. Out there, atmospheres are toxic, water is brackish, acid and hydrocarbons rain from the sky, and ice volcanoes erupt in glittering plumes… If we really intend to build villages and cities on Mars, we’ll be replacing Martian ecosystems with our own, whether inside biodomes or on the surface.”Annalee Newitz, ArsTechnica

David Pescovitz of Boing Boing wrote about his impressions before the event too-
“I’m honored to be on the schedule with such amazing people as SETI Institute’s Seth Shostak, science writer Mary Roach, The Planetary Society’s Emily Lakdawalla, Ars Technica’s Annalee Newitz, UC Berkeley planet hunter Alex Filippenko, and so many more fascinating folks! I’ll… talk about space history and the intersection of science and art to instill a sense of wonder about the universe…”

And finally,‘s Mike Wall writes about the pros and cons of launching a kid into space, citing Mike Mongo’s presentation at Dent:Space-
“By letting a kid go to space, we will inspire an entire generation of space explorers,” Mongo said late last month at the Dent:Space conference in San Francisco. “If we solve space for kids, they will solve the future for us.”

A big and heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped make Dent:Space come to life. Here’s to the future!

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