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Vintage Space

After discovering that men walked on the Moon in the 1960s and 1970s, Amy set out trying to understand how and why that happened. Her childhood curiosity gave way to an adult profession as a spaceflight historian, because the more you try to understand the Moon landing the more complicated the answer gets. Amy now shares her enthusiasm and curiosity as the blogger and vlogger behind Vintage Space.

She has written for more than two dozen websites and print outlets, appeared in more than half a dozen TV series, and her first book, Breaking the Chains of Gravity, is out now.

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Life and Death of the Dyna-Soar Spaceplane

Main Stage

In the mid-1950s, spaceplanes were poised to be the first vehicles to take Americans off the planet, but bureaucracy stood in the way. Dyna-Soar never flew, but it was the space shuttle America didn’t know it needed three decades before it had the shuttle that never made good on its promises.


Book Signing: Seth Shostak, Annalee Newitz & Amy Shira Teitel

Exploration Hall

Swing by the Booksmith table in the Exploration Hall to grab a signed copy of “Confessions of an Alien Hunter” by Seth Shostak, “Scatter, Adapt and Remember: How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction” by Annalee Newitz, and “Breaking the Chains of Gravity: The Story of Spaceflight Before NASA” by Amy Shira Teitel.