Darlene Lim

Humans on Mars

Darlene Lim is a geobiologist with the Bay Area Research Institute (BAERI) and based at the NASA Ames Research Center. She is currently the Principal Investigator of the NASA BASALT (Biologic Analog Science Associated with Lava Terrains) research program, the Deputy PI of the NASA SSERVI FINESSE (Field Investigations to Enable Solar System Science and Exploration) research program, and the Principal Investigator (PI) of the Pavilion Lake Research Project (PLRP). She is actively involved in the development of operational concepts for human scientific exploration of deep space. Her research programs are focused on seamlessly blending field science with the development of operational concepts for future human scientific exploration of Mars and Near Earth Asteroids. Darlene has also served as the NASA MEPAG (Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group) Goal IV (Prepare for Human Exploration) Co-Chair (2009-2016), and is currently a member of the NOAA Ocean Exploration Advisory Board (OEAB).

My Sessions

Scientific Field Exploration – Lessons from Earth, for the Human Exploration of Mars

Main Stage

Delays, for better or for worse, are a general part of life. We all manage through them as best we can, and work to mitigate their impact on our well-being and overall productivity. But what if you are an astronaut, 225 million kilometers from Earth, conducting science on Mars, and your link to Earth includes […]