Jesse Kriss

Netflix, formerly NASA JPL
Human Interface Design

Jesse Kriss designs and builds tools for humans.

His past work includes Many Eyes, a the collaborative visualization platform, at IBM Research, tools for artists and performers at Figure 53, makers of QLab, web platforms for online organizing and voter protection on the Obama 2012 tech team, and augmented reality software for the Curiosity Mars Rover science team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab.

He currently works at Netflix, where he helps create tools to help people manage security and scale.

Jesse holds a Master’s in Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University, and BA in Music from Carleton College.

My Sessions

Designing for Space Exploration (Canceled)

Main Stage

The prospect of space exploration has long captured our imagination. It’s an area where we are often catching up with science fiction. How can we use the power of fiction and speculation in our design process while avoiding the blind spots (and blind optimism) in order to build something entirely new, yet useful and practical?