Liam Kennedy

Liam’s journey with ISS-Above started as an idea to inspire his grandkids to become aware that the only human beings in space were passing them by 5-8 times every day. From a successful Kickstarter in 2014 to a Space Act Agreement with NASA in 2016, ISS-Above is now in over 1300 locations worldwide, inspiring people of all ages to engage with the human exploration of space.

My Sessions

Kickstarter Space Exploration Creator Panel

Maker Stage

Kickstarter offers science enthusiasts, explorers, and innovators a unique opportunity to connect with an audience and gather the resources needed to bring ideas to life. We’ll hear from a panel of creators who leveraged the Kickstarter community to launch Space exploration projects. The creators behind Lightsail, ISS-Above, and PongSat will share how they approached crafting […]