Robin Kraft

Satellite Imagery

Robin works at small-sat company Planet on next-generation applications, and is fascinated by the changing world as seen from above. Robin stumbled into space while wandering the halls of the Center for Global Development in Washington, DC. There, a serendipitous conversation led to a multi-year effort to track tropical deforestation in near realtime using satellites. That work became the seed for GlobalForestWatch.org, an open data platform housed at the World Resources Institute.
Robin was also co-founder of two satellite-analytics startups, as well as Ecohack – a hackathon bringing scientists, makers & others together to work on environmental problems. He has a Masters in development economics from Sciences Po in Paris, another in geography and remote sensing from University of Maryland, and a BA in 20th Century History at UC Berkeley. Talk to Robin if you ever need a book recommendation, or have one to share.

My Sessions

Building a Time Lapse of Earth – from Space!

Main Stage

Our world is changing constantly, but until now we haven’t really been able to see how – in near real-time, everywhere. But that’s changing with Planet, which designs, builds, and operates the world’s largest constellation of earth-imaging satellites. In this talk, I’ll share some pics from Earth’s coolest photo feed, and get into what you […]