Scott Manley

Astronomer, Gamer, Hacker
Rocket Science

Best known for his space themed YouTube channel where he brings science into video games and teaches kids of all ages the math behind rocket science. Originally from Scotland, Scott spent a decade in academia studying astrophysics and computational physics at the University of Glasgow and Armagh Observatory before being lured to the SF Bay Area by the prospect of a ‘paying job’ in the land of tech startups.
When Kerbal Space Program appeared, his videos explaining the game and the science behind it became big hits on YouTube,  generating over 100 million video views and 500,000 subscribers in part because of his knowledge, but most likely because of his Scottish accent, tag lines and bad jokes.
Scott is also a long term supporter of planetary defense having studied the asteroid hazard in his postgraduate work, he has worked with Asteroid Day and the B612 Foundation to promote the cause.

How To Learn Rocket Science Through Video Games

Maker Stage

Kerbal Space Program has been commercially successful as a video game, but its success as a tool for teaching people of all ages the mechanics of space travel is the real story. I’ve spent the last few years covering this game and its community and it’s clear there’s a great story worth sharing about how […]