Timoni West

Virtual Reality

Timoni West leads design in Unity’s Labs team, focusing on the future of game development and creation tools in VR. Labs’ first project, EditorVR, was introduced at Vision Summit in February 2016. Before Unity, Timoni was SVP of Design at Alphaworks, and cofounder & creative director of Department of Design. She’s also a mentor at the Upload Collective, advising new VR startups in the Bay area.

The Universe in the Metaverse

Main Stage

NASA has over 30 petabytes of data and 32,089 data sets; the ESA produces over 100 terabytes of data a year. With the resurgence of virtual & augmented reality, we now have a way to visualize that data in an immersive context, the next step towards actually being there. From telenauts to 360º satellite cameras to […]