Why you should upgrade to a “Spacewalker” ticket

Got your Dent:Space Astronaut ticket ordered? Looking forward to San Francisco? Are you eager for additional fun activities and/or social experiences during the conference? We thought so. That’s why we want to share an important opportunity available to you.

All conference attendees have access to all on-stage presentations and the exhibitor demos in the exploration hall, but there are a myriad of bonus activities and networking options available only to holders of our limited edition Spacewalker badges.

We still have a few Spacewalker slots remaining! You can purchase your tickets here OR upgrade your existing Astronaut tickets here. By upgrading, your existing Astronaut ticket will be automatically upgraded, and any previous ticket payments will be refunded.

Here is a list of the additional benefits all Spacewalkers receive:

Receptions, Shows, and Networking Dinners

VIP Opening Reception – Sept 20
Spacewalker attendees and speakers are invited to a private, off-site opening reception and science-themed stage show on Tuesday, September 20th.

Starlight Dinner – Sept 21
Dent:Space will host speakers and Spacewalker attendees at the Starlight Dinner at a secret location near the venue. Enjoy dinner and drinks with industry professionals, scientists, and other influential and knowledgeable participants at Dent:Space.

VIP Closing Reception – Sept 22
Hosted on the mezzanine at the Innovation Hangar, the closing reception is open to all speakers and Spacewalker attendees.

Spacewalker Lounge Access
We’ve set aside a quiet location central to the event where Spacewalkers and speakers can relax while enjoying complimentary food and beverages (including lunches). The lounge will also feature other unique opportunities and activities including:

  • Enter A Contest For A Free Blue Origin Payload Slot
    Visitors to the Spacewalker lounge will have the opportunity to compete for a “2U” Mini Payload slot on Blue Origin’s New Shepard Space Vehicle. This award will be granted to one lucky Dent:Space participant.
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality Experiences
    Several space-themed VR/AR experiences will be exclusive to the Spacewalker lounge. These include:

    • Mars 2030
      Roadtovr.com said it best: “Backed with support from NASA, the development of Mars 2030 is underscored by a singular mission: do everything possible to make the player feel like they’re actually on Mars. And that, apparently, means starting with a massive, detailed recreation of an actual part of the planet’s surface.”
    • Apollo 11 VR Experience
      The Smithsonian Museum and Autodesk have created a 3D scan of the inside of the Columbia spacecraft — the command module that Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins rode all the way to lunar orbit. Via headsets, Spacewalkers can explore the cockpit in which the first lunar landing crew flew to the moon.
  • Dedicated Q&A time with speakers
    Several presenters, including A.C. Charania and Jenn Gustetic have scheduled time in the lounge for intimate question-and-answer conversations with Spacewalkers.

And finally:

Preferred Seating
As a Spacewalker, you have access to the reserved seating in the front rows on both stages.

Become a Spacewalker today! Click here to upgrade OR here to purchase tickets.

Thanks to our sponsors at Blue Origin, Kickstarter, and Autodesk for making Dent:Space possible.

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