Finding Another Earth with Project Blue

“The first telescope to photograph a “pale blue dot” of another Earth in a distant solar system may not be funded by NASA, the European Space Agency, or some other government agency.
It might come from Kickstarter.” — Business Insider

Project Blue has about 20 days left to reach its fundraising goal on Kickstarter. Unlike more traditional astrophysics projects, which typically have a much broader scope, Project Blue has focused on a specific target: nabbing a picture of an Earth-like planet outside of our solar system. These so-called “Goldilocks” planets reside in the habitable zone, the perfect distance from their sun(s) to sustain liquid water and–possibly–life. But unorthodoxed projects like this, however important and exciting, have trouble finding funding through traditional channels. Could the power of citizen science fill the void and help Project Blue take flight?

Check out Project Blue and pledge your support to help make it a reality!

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