Hear Matthew Duggan talk Mars at San Diego Comic-Con

Can’t wait for Dent: Space San Francisco to see our speakers onstage? Never fear. We, along with some of the top experts in commercial space travel are headed to San Diego this week for Comic-Con. Appearing with us at #SDCC is Matthew Duggan who is speaking on our panel “Mars Needs People: Putting Humans on the Red Planet”

Matthew Duggan is an Engineering Manager at Boeing and is central to the design of habitat modules required for cislunar space travel. With over 23 years experience in systems engineering and—in his own words–”broad knowledge of human spacecraft systems”, Duggan is on the frontlines of spaceflight hardware planning and operation.

Duggan attended Texas A&M University, where he earned his Masters in Mechanical Engineering. He worked with Barrios Technologies, creating ISS integrated operating scenarios for NASA. He later joined Boeing, where he continues to develop vehicle and technology concepts for deep space exploration.

Come hear Duggan and other experts in the field discuss the latest developments in the commercial and government partnership driving the 2035 mission to Mars.

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