Mars 2030 VR Demo at San Diego Comic-Con

Besides our many sessions and panels scheduled for Dent: Space in San Francisco, we are overseeing three panels at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 which includes “State of the Holodeck” which features Julian Reyes of FUSION, producer of the Mars 2030 VR experience.

Fusion has partnered with NASA to develop the immersive experience, which allows users to conduct a virtual mission on the Mars surface. Under the partnership, NASA is sharing the results of ongoing studies on space transportation systems, concepts of operations, and human health and performance, making the immersive experience as true to reality as possible.

Mars 2030 transports people in VR to the Red Planet, where they are immersed in the simulated life of one of the first arriving NASA astronauts. They can explore deep space, live in a realistic Martian habitat, drive across the planet’s surface and drill into the surface of its ancient lake beds.

On Thursday 7/21, you can experience Mars 2030 first-hand by heading to VR CON @ COMIC-CON. Held at the Hilton San Diego Gaslamp Quarter hotel (which directly faces the San Diego Convention Center), VR CON showcases the latest creations and innovations from leading equipment makers, film studios, television networks, game builders, and more.


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