Christianna Taylor

Singularity University
Orbital Debris

Dr. Taylor is a helluva engineer who got her PhD from Georgia Tech who has worked both in small businesses and abroad to work on aerospace systems problems. Her passion is environmental space engineering and she has worked for the past 6 years on the issue of orbital debris and asteroid deflection.

She recently finished the Singularity University to think about environmental issues in the way of moonshots to affect a billion people using exponential technologies. In her spare time she likes to meditate, read (Game of Thrones and the Dresden files are her current favorites) and run. She is also big into paying it forward so she gives her time freely to mentor minorities and women in the stem fields to find their passion. She’s still a proud member of NSBE and AIAA and has even lobbied on the hill to see the gaps in the space program closed. This is an exciting time to be interested in Space and she’s excited to share the environmental aspects of all that excitement.

(photo credit: TJ Rak)

My Sessions

Orbital Debris: Dangerous Treasure in Space

Main Stage

With 12,000-16,000 new satellites planned to go up into orbit in the next 5-10 years, space is becoming a little crowded.  Currently there are only 1500 active satellites, about 3500 non-active satellites and countless smaller fragmented debris in orbit from our 60 year history of exploring space.  Let’s talk about what is up there, the […]