Susmita Mohanty


SUSMITA MOHANTY is the co-founder and CEO of EARTH2ORBIT, India’s first private space start-up. She has co-founded and led two other companies, MOONFRONT in San Francisco [2001-2007] and LIQUIFER in Vienna [2004-ongoing].

Before turning entrepreneur, Susmita worked in business development for the International Space Station program at Boeing in California. She also worked on Shuttle-Mir missions at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. Since 1998, Susmita has worked with the Americans, Japanese, Europeans, Russians and Indians in various capacities, as employee, consultant, contractor, entrepreneur and advisor.

In 2005, Susmita was honored on Capitol Hill [Washington DC] with the International Achievement Award for promoting international cooperation through entrepreneurial space ventures. In 2012, she was voted into Financial Times’ list of “25 Indians to Watch”. Educated in India, France, and Sweden, Susmita holds multiple degrees including a PhD.

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Cross-border Space Entrepreneurship

Main Stage

The words ‘international cooperation’, often used in space circles, is largely limited to government space agencies. On the commercial front, cooperation faces huge regulatory, legal and export control hurdles. The speaker, a serial entrepreneur, will share her experiences regarding her orbital enterprise spanning San Francisco, Vienna and Bangalore.