Who’s registering for Dent:Space?

As of today 2,000 people have registered for our San Francisco event. One of our benchmarks for determining success has been how well our audience aligns with the type of people the commercial space industry is seeking to engage with. Given this I decided to do an analysis of the open jobs that prominent new space companies have posted, and compare them to the people have registered for the conference.

Here is what I’ve discovered. If you take our 2,000 registered attendees and make a word cloud of their current job titles, below is what results. To punctuate the areas of alignment, the blue-toned text indicates overlapping terms between the hiring companies and our attendee base.

Our attendees:

Ds space titles

Here is a similar analysis of three prominent newspace organizations that are aggressively hiring.


Org 1 titles

Blue Origin:

Org2 Titles

Virgin Galactic:

Virgin galactic copy

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